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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

Alive in Jesus


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Year 5 - 2020/21

Our School Pilgrimage

We conducted a school pilgrimage around the site and prayed for many people in war torn countries and those who seek a better life by travelling to our country along with many others. Those people have to leave behind their families, friends and homes in search of a better life and they travel a very long way in order to find their salvation. We prayed to give them strength, guidance and success in bettering themselves and being able to provide for their families. We don't want them to be fearful. Year 5 are very good at considering others and our prayers are very heartfelt.


For our second field trip we went up through the new estate which was very exciting for those who live there and ended up at Aldi.

We decided to conduct a survey on the types of cars and people going to Aldi over a short period of time. We couldn't believe how popular the supermarket was and how friendly all of the customers were to us. Not only did we get an abundance of waves, but also thumbs up, beeps and smiles. We definitely cheered up the crowds with our excitement and had so much fun.

Kings Norton Green and the Canal

As part of our Geography unit on the local area we decided to take a sunny walk up to the Green in Kings Norton via the canal.

We discussed the use of the canal for trading purposes as well as travel which also linked to various historical topics we have learnt about this year as well as showing the children how vital it was for to have such a great way of moving things around. It helped us to understand why the town of King Norton was built where it was. We then went to the green and looked at the different types of shops there, creating a survey and ended the day with a peaceful walk around the church and a prayer. 

HSBC Workshop

We had the pleasure of taking part in an online session with a lovely man from HSBC.

We learnt all about costs when owning a house in the future and the sort of money we might earn one day.

It was a great session and it has given us a good insight into the future.

The Waseley Hills

What a wonderful day we have had! We have been climbing up the Waseley hills in order to give us an idea of just how challenging climbing a mountain would be. We have waded through mud, built some dens and rolled down hills. We have had a great amount of fresh air and have worked our legs hard.

Here are some photos of our lovely morning:

St Paul's Retreat days 2020-2021

Retreat number 1 - 20.11.2020

We have had a wonderful day thinking about Jesus, ourselves and each other.

We have thought about our school virtues and the virtues of love, hope, faith and patience. We have considered how we can show more of these virtues in our actions and our words.

We have spoken to Jesus in letters and we have also drawn our own image of him.

In the afternoon, we looked at climate change and the affect it is having on our earth. Hopefully our posters will educate others about it too.

What a fantastic day it has been to end our week!  

Retreat day number 2 - 11.12.2020

We had another retreat day linked to Advent this time. We had a very prayerful day and thought about the journey that Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. We created images throughout the day of this journey and the people/animals involved. We considered how Mary and Joseph were feeling during this time and the struggles they faced internally through questions. We also painted our own versions of the nativity scene for a competition. Let's hope we get some winners for our school!

First place went to Paanya!

Retreat day number 3 - Vocations day (June 2021)

Year 5 absolutely loved considering their future professions during this day and sharing their hopes and dreams.

We have a range of future plans ranging from being a vet to an army officer; a police person to a hairdresser and a nurse to a social worker.

Hearing some of the jobs on the videos provided gave some of our class ideas about other future careers they hadn't ever considered too like becoming a midwife or a councilor of some kind. The children really enjoyed hearing about why people work in the job they have and it really made them think about whether or not they are the right person for the job they want and how they might get there.

We found the whole day very inspiring!