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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

In the family of St Paul's, we live and learn with Jesus' loving arms around us.


Prayer & Liturgy Leaders

Prayer leaders 2023-2024

Friday 29th September 2023
The children went in groups around the school. They looked at the prayer tables around the school. They felt that they were all in a good location and were the correct liturgical year.  All classes had a crucifix that they could see. They also looked for the class prayers to be on display. 
The children also discussed October, the month of the Rosary. They planned to lead the Rosary twice a week on a Monday and Friday with children who would like to join. 

15th September 
During the Gifts from God assembly, the prayer leaders in each year group were introduced to the rest of the school. 

Year 1- Vanessa and Albie 
Year 2- Nana and Sarah
Year 3- Eloghosa and Neveah
Year 4- Karleigh and Logan
Year 6- Corey and Caoimhe 

Ruth, Valentina, Mary and Zachary in year 5- are going to lead the group. 

6th-8th September 
Zachary, Mary, Valentina and Ruth worked hard for 3 lunchtimes to create their own prayer focuses for around the school focused on the season of creation. 

Prayer leaders 2023-2024

12th July 2023 
The prayer leaders are looking forward to next academic year. They started to consider the season of creation for September and are designing their own prayer area. 

26th June 2023 
The prayer leaders spoke to Mrs Pugh about prayer in our school. 

When asked how has prayer helped them they answered:
"Its helped me to get closer to God."
"It helps me know more about Jesus."
"Its helps me to appreciate God."

"Guiding me when I am stuck on something. "
"t inspires me to read the Bible more."
"Its helped me to grow more as a person, kindly and mentally."

19th June 2023
The Prayer leaders changed the two prayer areas. One of them is to say a prayer for someone that you love and the other one you pick a lolly pop stick and pray for who is on it. 

9th May 2023
The Liturgy leaders updated the prayer tree. They decided that because it was the month of May, they would like to pray for women. When a child says a prayer they put a blue piece of paper on the tree to represent their prayer. 

Monday 17th April 2023
Prayer leader meeting 
We discussed the idea of having a day in the library for the children to come and quiet prayer time, throughout the year and not just during Lent. 

We also went out to the prayer garden to decided our next steps. We would like to get it cleaned up, painted and have some activities for the children to complete during playtimes. 

Mrs Pugh then met with Mrs Rooney to discuss plants. She is going to spend some gardening money to buy some plants for the garden. 
Mrs Pugh also met with Mr Cordiner who is going to mow the grass and jet wash the pavement of the area. 

The prayer leaders in particular Rebecca, Mary, Zachary and Ruth have worked incredibly hard during Lent and supporting children in the whole school to be able to pray in the library during Lent. I am very grateful to them. 
Mrs Pugh.

During Lent the Prayer leaders have been working very hard organsing the quiet area for prayers. They have come early to set the room up and have enjoyed supporting the children with their prayers. 

Wednesday 15th February 2023
The prayer leaders met at lunchtime. They made the prayer areas ready and looked for colouring sheets for the Library. 

Tuesday 7th February 2023
The prayer leaders met Mrs Pugh at lunchtime. We discussed Lent and what we wanted to do during the season of Lent in school. We decided on some prayers for around school. We also discussed opening the library as a prayer space at lunchtimes. They will also lead the Rosary on a Friday. 

The Prayers leaders meet Mrs Sharpling every Monday to decide who to pray for and write their own bidding prayers for the prayer service. 

Thursday 3rd November 2022
The liturgy leaders met for the first time to say hello to each other. Mrs Pugh spoke to us about the responsibilities for us. We have the two liturgy leaders from last year and two new ones. 

The liturgy leaders are 2 children chosen by their class teachers to help the lead liturgy in their classes. They meet once a month to plan prayer sessions for their class, look at prayer tables and consider what we can do to add to our school environment. 

Thursday 12th May 2022
The Liturgy leaders met to complete a prayer table scrutiny.  They enjoyed going to groups of 2 to see what they thought of different prayer tables. 

Thursday 17th March 2022
The liturgy leaders met to plan a collective worship session on the Annunciation. 
25nd March- 
Liturgy leaders led the session in their classes. 

Thursday 17th February 2022
The liturgy leaders met to plan a collective worship session on Ash Wednesday.
2nd March 
Liturgy leaders led the session in their classes. 

Thursday 27th January 2022
The liturgy leaders met to plan a collective worship session on the Presentation of the Lord. 
2nd February- 
Liturgy leaders led the session in their classes.