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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

In the family of St Paul's, we live and learn with Jesus' loving arms around us.


                                                                  Welcome to Year 4


                             Miss Kaur                                                                                                                                                                               

Welcome to Year 4's Class page. Our values and virtues this half term are  Eloquent and Truthful. We will spend time examining how Jesus interacted with others and using these encounters to study how we should interact with people. We will spend time in R.E lessons learning how to identify the truths the Bible teaches us about who Jesus is, what he has done and what he encourages us to do which is to speak about him faithfully with humility and honestly. 


This half term, our catholic social teaching focus is about Options for the Poor and Vulnerable.  We are very keen to deepen our understanding of what it means to show the love of Christ to those who are poor and vulnerable. We will look at particular charities in our R.E lessons to see what their outreach programmes are and use this to inspire us to think about how we can look after the poor and vulnerable in our communities either through practical support and/or through consideration of prayerful times. We hope to instil within the children that looking out for those who have less can come in many forms and we are created to reflect the kindness of God's image in their lives. 

        Saint Josephina Bakhita

                             Please click on the picture to find out more about our class saint.                                                                                                                                                             


Welcome to Year 4

Class notices

  • We have PE on a Tuesday so full kit must be worn in school.
  • Water bottles are to be brought into school and taken home each day.
  • Reading books and diaries are to be taken home each night and diaries to be signed each night.
  • Spellings are given every Friday in their reading diaries for a spelling test on the following Friday. 
  • Maths homework is given out every Friday and this is needs to be completed and in on the following Friday.
  • Grammar homework is given out every week on Friday and needs to be completed and in on the following Friday
  • We love Times Table Rock Stars! Please use it at home. and check your timestables on 
  • Remember! Excellent handwriting means that you can earn the right to use a pen in class! Keep practising! 


This half-term, we will be reading the Great Kapok Tree and using this book as a platform to write persuasively to prevent the destruction of the rainforest.  We will also spend time developing oracy within the classroom to improve children's spoken language to be able to hold debates and balanced arguments. 



Reading Champions!



Year 4 love to read and we have a huge selection of books school library to suit every pupil's taste. Once we complete our star test, we can select books that correspond to our ZPD code. We complete tests on the Accelerated Reader programme and expand our vocabulary with every new book we read. 


This term, we will be learning about length and perimeter of regular and irregular polygons. Learning to understand how to find the missing lengths by using the knowledge that is presented. We will move onto studying fractions: counting beyond 1, understanding mixed numbers and how they are ordered on a number line, add and subtract fractions and convert fractions from mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice-versa. Finally, we will move onto decimals, understanding the value of each digit, relating them to fractions before carrying out calculations concerning decimals. 

In June, we will be preparing for the national times tables test but we are very confident that we will do well because we are practicing on TT Rockstars every day. In school we also use  which children can check they are getting full marks and there are activities to check children's speed. If they can do this as well as TT Rockstars then hopefully all that work over the past year will pay off! The more practise they get, the more accurate their answers will be.


Remember, we have to be accurate in our answers to pass the Times tables test so practice every night and be ready each day in class for new challenges. Who will be the most accurate pupil in the class?

                      Religious Education


   Our Prayer table.


This term, we will be in ordinary time and will spend time looking at the life and works of Jesus during Easter time. We will spend time contemplating the meaning and importance of Jesus' Resurrection and His Ascension as well as why Pentecost is important to believers of this faith. We will look at how Christians are encouraged by these events and how these events shape their life choices. 



This term we will be learning about sound which will look at how sound is heard, how it travels and how its pitch and volume can be change. We will then move onto looking States of Matter which will examine the properties of different materials, their strengths, weaknesses and purposes. Finally, children will study  electricity which will look at understanding how electricity is conducted and insulated, how circuits are created and which materials are best to use when working with electricity. Within in each of these units we will learn the theory before applying in context. Children learn to carry out various experiments, test materials, learn to hypothesise, evaluate their findings before presenting their results. 






This term, we will explore the period of the Restoration Plague and the Glorious Revolution.We will look at how history is changed and shaped by key events and leaders. We will examine their impact then and how that impact has shaped the current society. Throughout it all, we will examine the power struggle that has existed between monarchy and parliament.   


In Geography, we will be exploring Eastern Europe where will study not only its physical geography but also its human geography. We will spend time looking at the areas of interest that tourists like to visit and why before studying its political history which defines it today. As the term progresses, we will move onto looking at Africa. Here we will study the culture, diet and physical landscape that helps form its various communities. 




In Art, we are going to study Design in Art . We will recognise the different elements of art which include line, shape, form, space, light, texture, and colour. Children will be taught that design, or composition means how these elements, or ingredients in the work of art work together to make a coherent whole. They will examine the work of Matisse. After this, we will move onto the needlework and embroidery. We will study the works of  Kate Farrer and Norman Hartnell for inspiration. Children will learn different to cross stitch and weaving to create their creations.



This term, we will learning about Elements of Music and the different terminology like: treble clef, stave, crotchet. Children spend time studying how to write notes and create their own music sheet. After this, pupils will spend time studying Country Music and will listen to and discuss certain musicians, compare them, learn what makes them different, identify which instruments are used. Study its history, understand how it has changed, before they write their own country music piece to perform.