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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

In the family of St Paul's, we live and learn with Jesus' loving arms around us.


                                                                  Welcome to Year 4


                             Miss Kaur                                                                                                                                                                               

Welcome to Year 4's Class page. Our virtues this half term are  Faith-filled and Hopeful. We will spend time looking at the example of Jesus and how he he demonstrated through both his person and works the attributes of being faith-filled and hopeful. We will also spend time looking at how the Catholic Church demonstrates these values and virtues by looking at how they encourage local communities and the wider world to consider what it means to be a faith-filled person and to demonstrate hope. We aim to instill within children an understanding of the importance to persevere in their faith and how to have hope in others.


This half term, our catholic social teaching focus is on Families and Communities.  We are very excited to spend time on looking at the importance of what family and community means. So, that we can deepen our understanding of why these structures are God-given and important to cherish and value. We will spend time looking at how different families around the world and in our own communities connect and interact so that we can see the special relationships that are built and how they can have such a positive impact on an individual and a wider society. We will also spend time delving into understanding the attributes of what makes a community and how we all have a responsibility to have a positive impact on our own communities through our actions and deeds. 


        Saint Josephina Bakhita

                             Please click on the picture to find out more about our class saint.                                                                                                                                                             


Welcome to Year 4

Class notices

  • We have PE on a Tuesday so full kit must be worn in school.
  • Water bottles are to be brought into school and taken home each day.
  • Reading books and diaries are to be taken home each night and diaries to be signed each night.
  • Spellings are given every Friday in their reading diaries for a spelling test on the following Friday. 
  • Maths homework is given out every Friday and this is needs to be completed and in on the following Friday.
  • Grammar homework is given out every week on Friday and needs to be completed and in on the following Friday
  • We love Times Table Rock Stars! Please use it at home. and check your timestables on 
  • Remember! Excellent handwriting means that you can earn the right to use a pen in class! Keep practising! 


This term, we will continue to read Evie In the Jungle and will be looking at the Great Kapok Tree. Both these lovely books help children to understand the consequences of rainforest destruction. We will also spend time digging into non-fiction texts which will look at the era of the Civil War and the geography of Mediterranean Europe.



Reading Champions!



Year 4 love to read and we have a huge selection of books school library to suit every pupil's taste. Once we complete our star test, we can select books that correspond to our ZPD code. We complete tests on the Accelerated Reader programme and expand our vocabulary with every new book we read. 


This term, we will be learning the related number facts for multiplication and division which look at exchanging and applying this knowledge to solve multi-step problems which require both operations. As the term progresses, we will be learning how to use formal written methods for multiplication and division before delving into learning about length and perimeter. We will continue developing key arithmetic skills which will cover: formal written methods for all four operations, mental methods, fractions and decimals. 

In June, we will be preparing for the national times tables test but we are very confident that we will do well because we are practicing on TT Rockstars every day. In school we also use  which children can check they are getting full marks and there are activities to check children's speed. If they can do this as well as TT Rockstars then hopefully all that work over the past year will pay off! The more practise they get, the more accurate their answers will be.


Remember, we have to be accurate in our answers to pass the Times tables test so practice every night and be ready each day in class for new challenges. Who will be the most accurate pupil in the class?

                      Religious Education


   Our Prayer table.


The first half-term, we will be in ordinary time and will spend time looking at the life and works of Jesus. As the second half-term approaches we celebrate Lent in preparation of Easter. We look forward to learning more about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and why this is so important for mankind.



This term we will be learning about food chains and the ecosystem. We will also look at different food chains and webs and learn to understand how living things interact with non-living things. We will also, spend time learning about different ecosystems, what makes them unique, what makes them viable and how changes to them can lead to devastating consequences. We will then move onto studying the science of sound where will study how sound travels and how we hear. 






This term, we will explore the period of the Stuarts.We will look at how they came to reign in England, what categorise them as different to previous monarchs and will look at how the relationship between monarchy and Parliament was constantly challenged and threatened through the Gunpowder Plot.  Then we will move to studying the era of the Civil War and its influence and impact at the time and how this has shaped modern Britain.


In Geography, we will be exploring Northern Ireland, where will study not only its physical geography but also its human geography. We will spend time looking at the areas of interest that tourists like to visit and why before studying its political history which defines it today. As the term progresses, we will move onto looking at Mediterranean Europe. Here we will study the culture, diet and physical landscape that helps form its various communities. 



In Art, we are going to study Monuments of Ancient Rome .  We will look at how these buildings were constructed and how they are reflective of the characters and personalities of those who had commissioned them. We will study in detail the Pantheon and the Colosseum before then constructing one. After this, we will move onto the Monuments of Byzantium. We will study the patterns of this period and how mosaics became a great feature of this period of time before creating our own mosaic of which reflects the importance of someone or something in our lives.  


This term, we will learning about the Orchestra how an orchestra is formed, the different instruments which make up the orchestra. We will look at how sound travels and how each instrument contributes to a piece of music and develop and an awe and appreciation of the skills required to play an instrument.In the second half of the term, we will study the works of Edward Eldgar, Swan Lake and Tchaikovsky.