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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

In the family of St Paul's, we live and learn with Jesus' loving arms around us.



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Year 3 had a fantastic day celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  We did lots of amazing activities and had so much fun.

We were lucky enough to have a dance company in to teach each class a dance from a different decade - we learnt a swing dance from the 1940s called the Lindy Hop.  The children were fantastic and even performed to one another.

All children made a crown to wear - they painted and decorated them and they all looked very regal indeed!

We made jubilee badges as a special keepsake to remember the jubilee in years to come - the children had some very creative ideas for these.

We enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch together outside with the rest of the school.

It was such a fun and memorable day!


Year 3 Maths Workshop for Parents and Children

Friday 5th November

It was fantastic to have so many parents attend our maths workshop. The children worked with their parents and used concrete materials to understand exchanging in column addition.

The aim of the workshop was for the parents to understand how we teach maths at St Paul’s. We began with our retrieval practice questions and then moved onto our lesson objective which was to add 3 and 2 digit numbers with exchanging in the hundreds. We worked together to solve some of the questions using concrete material and then the children moved on to the challenges and worked with their parents.

Here are some quotes from our parents who attended the workshop.

‘ The workshop was very good. It was good to work alongside the children.’

‘ It was enjoyed by both.’

‘ I think it was very effective.’

‘ I now understand what method is used so I can help him better at home.’

‘ I enjoyed the experience.’


‘ I think it was very effective and learnt a lot from the workshop.’

'I've gained understanding of what is required in my child's lessons which will help me to support her better at home.'


Thank you to all our parents for their support.

Year 3 Field Trip - Local Area Kings Norton

As part of out Geography topic Spatial Sense, we walked around our local area - Kings Norton Green. We identified the human features and recorded our findings.


During the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has asked us to go on a pilgrimage. On this day, we went on a pilgrimage around school, thinking especially of refugees and the journey they have to make to safety. We said special prayers for these people, asking God to keep them safe and protected on their journey.

First Holy Communion

In the summer term children made their First Holy Communion and received Jesus in Holy Communion for the first time. It was a very special day in the children’s journey of faith and was shared with families and friends. During the Eucharistic prayer, the bread and wine is transformed into Jesus’ Body and Blood. This mystery and Sacrament was introduced by Jesus himself at the Last Supper with his Apostles. May the children continue to grow in their understand of this gift from God, and develop their relationship with Jesus.

 Christ The King

Retreat Day - 20th November 2020

We had a fantastic day thinking about Jesus - Christ the King, Ourselves and Each Other. We spoke to Jesus through letters and prayers and drew Jesus in our own image. We thought about our school virtues and the virtues of faith, hope, love and patience. We looked at how we can show these in our words and actions. We looked at the importance of water to the whole world and how we can save water.



River Rea Trip

Year 3 had a great time on their River Rea trip. We walked along the canal and the River Rea, over a stream and along grassy banks. The geography fieldtrip helped our understanding of rivers and their features. We had a fantastic day.




Bible Exhibition

We had a Bible Exhibition lead by Pastor Francis and his team from Kings Norton Baptist Church. The children were taught about the life of Jesus, how he prayed, where he lived, miracles he performed and they looked at artefacts from the Jewish faith. The children had fun finding facts to complete a quiz set by Francis. They were given a booklet called ‘The Life of Jesus’ to take home. It was a great day where we all learned lots!