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St Paul's Catholic Primary School

Alive in Jesus



Wednesday 15th July

Zoom at 12. Anyone can join this week so email me for the code if I haven't sent it already!

9.00 - Grammar

9.30 - English

LO: To be able to write a letter.

As we have finished our summaries I thought it would be nice to write letters to each other.

Think of someone who has made a big difference to your Year 5 experience and write them a letter of thanks.

Tell them how they've helped you and how that has made your life more fun or more exciting.

Tell them how you've been during lock down and if you have anything you want to ask them, then do.


Here is out poem of the day: 

10.30 - Break

11.00 - Maths


1. 1.7 + 3.08

2. 5.67 - 0.95

3. 3.45 x 4


LO: To be able to multiply fractions.

12.00 - Lunch

1.00 - Collective worship/RE

LO: To be able to write a prayer of thanks.

Reflect upon this year.

What are you grateful for?

What have you achieved?

What are you proud of?

How has God given you strength through difficult times?

What do you want moving forward?


2.30 - Art Challenge

Create a monster or an alien - evil or kind, I don't mind!


Reading aloud session 65

Wednesday 8th July

Zoom is at 12.00 today!

9.00 - Grammar


9.30 - English

LO: To be able to write a summary.

Using your plan write up the first box.

This is the first half of your first paragraph.

Don't rush ahead and make sure it is as detailed as possible.

Try to keep it a little more formal than a story would be as this is a non fiction piece of text.

Here is our poem of the day:

10.30 - Break

11.00 - Maths

LO: To be able to translate a shape from one place to another.


1. 2/3 x 8

2. 1/6 x 5

3. 7/9 x 3

4. 18/7 x 4


Main lesson: 

Moving a shape's position is easy if we know our co-ordinates.

We have to move each individual point of the shape by following the instructions or pattern.

You will always be given a starting point so if you can work out how that point has moved, the rest will move in the same way. 


12.00 - Lunch

1.00 - RE

LO: To be able to understand that marriage is a sacrament of commitment.

7. Matrimony


This sacrament is the union between a man and a woman forever. When they marry within the Church, it is God who unites their bodies and souls. Those who get married shall not break their marriage bond: “What God has joined together let no one separate” (Mark 10:9).

The model that men and women have to follow is that of the Holy Family: Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, as well as being a mirror of Christ’s nuptial bond to His bride, the Church.


What do you believe marriage is?

How does it bring two people closer to God?

Do you think it is an important sacrament?

what symbols of marriage are there? 

2.00 - Collective worship


Explore the PowerPoint and notes on Nelson Mandela.

2.30 - Art Challenge.

Design a new outfit that you'd like to wear for your first day out when lockdown is over.


 Reading aloud session 60

Wednesday 1st July

Zoom is at 12 today! 

9.00 - Grammar.

9.30 - English

LO: To be able to write a summary.

Look at the next box and write your version of this part of the paragraph. It is not a new paragraph so continue on from last time with the short date in the margin if you can. Remember our summary is only two paragraphs in total and we are just splitting paragraphs so we have smaller amounts to write at once.

See my example below. I have highlighted the additional text from today's writing.

Here is our poem of the day:

10.30 - Break

11.00 - Maths

LO: To be able to plot co-ordinates on a grid.


1. 5/9 + 3/6 =

2. 2/7 + 1/3 =

3. What is the perimeter of a regular hexagon with sides of 8cm?

4. I went to the shops with a £20 note and bought 4 items. I ended up with some change. What items could I buy? Is there more than one combination of items?

Board game = £10.25

Teddy bear = £4.20

Football = £4.99

Bouncy ball = £0.75


Main lesson:

With these problems below draw out the grids using the squares in your books. 

Remember we always go along the corridor first so that will always be your first number (x axis), then we go up the stairs and find the co-ordinate on our y axis for our second number.

Look at fluency problem one.

(3,5) - 3 is along the bottom and then we move up the y axis to 5. The point where our two points meet is the co-ordinate. Put your little cross there and find the rest.

12.00 - Lunch

1.00 - RE

LO: To be able to proclaim the resurrection of Christ.

The apostles had an important job of telling people about Jesus' resurrection and teach people about Jesus Christ and his work.

Imagine you are an apostle in front of a crowd of people. You need to tell them about Jesus, his work and his resurrection.

You are encouraging people to follow Christ and follow in His footsteps.

2.00 - Collective Worship

2.30 - Art Challenge. Day 27 - something

Reading aloud session 56

Wednesday 24th June

There will be no Zoom today.

I am having to cancel.
I do apologise and will invite those who are missing out today to tomorrow’s meeting. 

9:00 - Spellings -












Grammar - Apostrophes. Insert the missing possessive apostrophes.

9:15 - English. 


LO: To be able to use the text to write in role.

Imagine you are a reporter outside the castle gates reporting on the event.

Write out your script for what you would be saying on the local news to the nation at the time when all the blankets had been taken by the magician and given to the princess, leaving the town in dismay.

Think about formal language and maybe a question to end your script to make your listeners think. 

Here is our poem of the day:

10.15 - Break


11.00 - Maths

LO: To be able to read and use timetables.



Choose problems from fluency, reasoning and problem solving as we do in class and move yourself on when you feel confident.

12.00 - Lunch


1.00 - RE

LO: To be able to discover what happened to the apostles after Pentecost.


The website above could be helpful but extra to this see if you can find any bible stories about them after Pentecost too.

What happened to the disciples after Pentecost?

How did things change?

What bible stories can you find related to this?

Is this how the church began?

2.00 - Collective Worship


Watch the video and go through the activities on the website.

2.30 - Art challenge. Day 22. Something magical.

Reading aloud session 51.